Check it out, the female anatomy is just like the male anatomy. Just one is internal while the other is external.

First of all, the outer lips are also known as the Labia Majora. Now, it wouldn’t be a show without the inner lips or Labia Minora also showing up. It’s understandable for their names to be misleading however both labia’s come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The outer lips usually have the pleasure of being covered with pubic hair. While the inner lips usually remain hairless. These characteristics make every Vulva unique!

What do I mean by Vulva? We all have been lead to believe that the external part of a female’s anatomy that includes the labia majora and everything inside them is called the vagina; however we are here to correct that mistake. Actually, the external part is called the Vulva. Now, there are these incredible internal parts that extend inside the outer lips and around the vulva that is purely a sexual organ. Can you guess what it is? The CLITORIS. Yes, this beautiful organ is protected by the clitoral hood and it’s the most sensitive of all human body parts. That’s 8,000 nerve endings. Amazing right!

Anyways, the Vagina is part of the internal part of the female’s anatomy that is in the shape of a canal leading to the cervix and uterus. When the vagina is not sexually aroused it’s approximately 3-4 inches long however, when excited, it expands to 6-8 inches. Inside the front wall of the vagina is that magically spongy tissue called the G-Spot.

On the other hand, the male anatomy starts with the tip aka the Glans, it’s protected and lubricated by foreskin (if uncircumcised) and contains approximately 4,000-5,000 nerve endings. When the penis is sexually aroused, the Shaft, will fill with blood and become erect.

While, the Scrotum, is the sac that holds the testes. Males have the magical ability to draw the testes towards the body or drop them lower to regulate their temperature to 94 degrees Fahrenheit for sperm production. Cool right!

So, what produces the sperm? Surprise…Surprise. The Testes are in charge of producing sperm and releasing testosterone. However, the epididymis which sits on top of the testes, matures and stores the sperm. During ejaculation, the urethra is the tube that carries the semen out. It also carries urine from the bladder however never at the same time. Did you know that one ejaculation may contain 40-600 million sperm and that amount of semen can vary from a few drops to an average of 1-2 teaspoons?

Then, does that mean men also have a magical spot? YES. Direct stimulation of the prostate through the anus has been found to be pleasurable for many males. This magical gland is often called the P-Spot.

At the end, Show and Tell is never over. Need a physical representation? Check yourself out.