“Free condoms!”, “Safe is sexy!” These are words I continually hear myself saying, among others. And its nothing strange, for the most part. Its nothing uncommon for women to say “I’m on the pill” or for somebody to carry a condom in their wallet (although that is not advised), or purse, just in case. But, believe it or not, it hasn’t always been this way.

Have you ever thought about the history of your contraceptives? What were the made of? What kinds were there?

Well, in 3000 BC (Yes, BC! The same year that Troy was founded), condoms were made out of linen cloths, fish bladders, or other animal intestines.

In Ancient Egypt, there is evidence that a contraceptive device made out of crocodile dung, sodium carbonate and honey was inserted into the vagina to block sperm.

Other rumored methods include sponges soaked in lemon juice, ingesting mercury and using Coca- Cola as a post sexy spermicide.

It wasn’t until 1838 that condoms were made out of rubber. And the first oral contraceptive wasn’t introduced until 1960! Thank you Margaret Sanger.

In Ancient times, Papaya seeds were also used as a type of oral, male contraceptive. If eaten daily, they could cut a man’s sperm count to zero, and if not eaten for a long period of time then the sperm count would return to normal levels. And it’s been rumored that this information, along with others is being used for the creation of a male version of the birth control pill!