Hello everyone!

I’m Marvelous Melissa, a 2nd year at Cal who’s studying Cognitive Science and aspiring to become a medical student in the near-distant future.  Now, I am also proud to say I am a SHEP Peer Educator as well.

Why I Joined SHEP:

I feel that I was fortunate enough to have a decent sexual educations as I grew up (even if it came mostly through my school system) and I realize that there are many people who did not even receive that.  I joined SHEP so that I could help others gain knowledge on sex and sexuality that they may not have received at an earlier time as well as encourage them to make responsible and knowledgeable decisions.  On top of that, I also found I could expand my knowledge on sex and sexuality that I may not have been taught beforehand.

One Thing I Look Forward to as a Shepper:

As a member of SHEP, we are asked to complete a Random Act of sexiness which calls for us to go out to an area with a high concentration of Cal Students and give out condoms.  I think I’m looking forward to this the most this semester (next semester is National Condom Day), besides helping others gain the necessary knowledge to make well-informed and responsible decision. I am looking forward to this because I would be able to help provide protection to students that may not have it in their budget or are embarrassed to buy at a store. I will also be pulling myself out of my comfort zone by interacting with many people in a given place- I’m definitely ready for the challenge.

-Marvelous Melissa