I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lustful Lucero. I am a fourth year with the goal of obtaining my doctorate in Education in the future. My major is Spanish with a minor in Creative Writing.

I am seventh in a family of nine children and I was raised in a traditional Hispanic household. The reason behind my passion for sexual health is that I was raised in a conservative household where anything related to sexuality is forbidden. Being able to educate my community in a topic that I find important and beneficial is my reason for joining SHEP.

Moreover, my passion for sexual health is exemplified by my current position in SHEP as the Wednesday DeCal Facilitator. I want to leave the CAL Community with sexual health knowledge, sex positive energy, and with the tools to have a safe and sexy lifestyle. I can honest say I have gained communication and leadership skills through my time in SHEP. In addition, I have grown intellectually and emotionally while exploring my passion for sexual health.

My sexual health message is ‘Whisper, yell, or scream— proudly communicate your need to me,’ It is an honor to be part of SHEP where I am able to help and assist anyone. I look forward to assisting many more in their journey in discovering the beauty in Sex. Let the fun continue!

-Lustful Lucero