In this case, deciding to share your time, body, and personal thoughts with more than one partner is sexy all on its own. Let’s talk about keeping ourselves safe and sexy as we communicate  a desire for a non-monogamous relationship.

We have all heard that an individual who decides to have multiple partners does so because they are afraid of commitment or because they are nymphomaniacs. However, this misconception has  lead individuals to avoid any discussions of the possibility of spicing up the relationship or communicating a desire kept quiet.

Now, even if an individual is against the idea, it doesn’t hurt to listen to the partner. Chances are the subject of monogamy is the first of many conversations that individuals have before engaging in a relationship. After all, defining what the relationship will be is important.

Let’s first define the different relationships included in the spectrum of monogamous to non-monogamous:

Monogamous: An individual has decided to only have one partner.

Non-Monogamous includes, but is not limited to:

Polyamory: The practice of having more than one intimate partner at a time however the individual decides between an emotional or sexual involvement.

Hierarchical Polyamory: When an individual can establish and distinguish between a primary and/or secondary relationship.

Polyfidelity: When a group decides to restrict all sexual and emotional involvement to only the members of that group.

Swinging: When a  committed couple decides to engage in sexual activities with other committed partners.

The general term associated with a non-monogamous partnership is the concept of an open relationship which means that an individual can havesexual partners outside the primary relationship.

Before engaging into any non-monogamous relationship it’s important to get Consent from all partners involved. Communication about which safer sex supplies could be used in order to maintain every partner sexy and healthy to talking  about the desire of having all partners tested for sexual transmitted infections and HIV.

Remember, Communication is Lubrication! And the Tang Center at UC Berkeley can gladly assist with safer sex supplies and Free HIV testing. Let’s talk about it!