October 22, 2015 PRE-SHAW
Today I experienced my first time flyering/tabling at Sproul. I was nervous and excited about the idea that I would handing out free condoms and promoting Sexual Health Awareness Week to my fellow peers. I noticed that many males came to our tables and very few female. & I found this interesting because it made me think about reasons why females are not approaching our table. The ideas I came up with were that they were to embarrassed or maybe expected there partners to be in charge of obtaining condoms. Although, it was my first time tabling, about 30 people came to our table while I was there. We explained to them about what are program is about and provide them information about SHAW. The take home message that I received from my first ever tabling event was that I should be more approachable, confident and smile more often. Most importantly, I realized the need for my peers to be more sex positive.

October 26,2015 SHAW WEEK

This lovely Moanday morning, I was given the opportunity to walk around Sproul debuting SHEP’s vulva costume. GUESS WHO WAS WALKING AROUND SPROUL IN A VULVA COSTUME FROM 11-12?! MEEEEEEE. I got plenty of laughs, compliments and shocked stares from people walking down Sproul. I mean, who wouldn’t be intrigued when they saw people in a vulva and penis costume side by side passing out condoms, lube, and flyers? I was glad to inform my peers about Sexual Health Awareness Week! I was much more approachable, confident, and was smiling while flyering on Sproul. But once again, more male grabbed free condoms as opposed to females. This is unfortunate because I want everyone to feel non-embarrassed about sexual health. We encourage people to visit out table which contained various activities including: coloring various sexual organs, things i love about myself poster, and how to put on condoms demos. In the hour that I was there more than 50 people approached us! I was glad to see that people are interested in sexual health! Overall, it was fun to be in a vulva costume and inform my fellow peers about safe sex. I hope to see more people at our events and hope that the UC Berkeley campus will become more sex positive.