jamee shaw

I participated in the first tabling even for SHAW, or the Sexual Health Awareness Week!

Complete with our brand new vulva costume, and our long loved penis costume, I took to the Mario Savio steps with some decal students and some of my peer SHEP-ers. Setting up was a success, and we were able to do it relatively quickly. The decal students helped to pass out condoms on Sproul.

However, it was fairly slow despite my own excitement to be there. It was 10am, so it was also a slow part of the day for Sproul. We had a few different students come up to us to ask for free condoms, or to look at the activities.

I think my favorite part had to be the body positivity portion. It was great seeing the different responses to “I love this on my body…”: butt, legs, clit, vagina, boobs, stomach, whatever it was it is great to see people identify a part of themselves that they truly love. Some people had immediate answers, and some had to stop and think for a moment to decide, but eventually they came up with something. And when they did come up with that something it was great to watch them write it down with pride!

Once I had to leave I grabbed some flyers and extra condoms and handed them out on the way to class. Most of the people who were willing to take the condom and flyer were male, but one female did take one out of the seven or so people that I handed them out to. The reactions were mainly excited. Condoms can be expensive! So a free one was generally appreciated.