YOU are cordially invited to #SHEPsexytips

Debuting Sunday, November 15, 2015 At 12PM (PT)

What: A Sexy Tip is a sex-positive message that promotes sexual health. There will be an overarching theme for each month, and every week there will be a new sexy tip that ties back into the theme. Tips will be short & sweet and visually appealing in hopes of catching your attention in the midst of whatever is going on in your life.

Why: Why not? Let’s be honest… in such a tech-savvy fast-paced society, many people don’t have time to read every article that comes up on their feed. Sometimes, all someone has time for is a quick image and a couple of words. With this in mind, the goal of #SHEPsexytips is to educate in a concise, effective manner.

When: EVERY Sunday! And sometimes on special themed days during the week!

Where: Tips will be posted on this blog, our Facebook page, and our Instagram! Follow our hashtag #SHEPsexytips to see all of our tips up to date.