As the focus of my project I wish to provide information for the kinky people at Cal via the newly formed Kink Club. The goal of the Kink Club is to be a consent-oriented safe space for Cal students to discuss and learn about different faucets of kink. This space is both unprecedented and needed because all current local kink gatherings have a higher median age than your average college student, leaving some to feel too intimidated to reach out and unwittingly stay trapped in their kinky closets.

I chose this group because I have been associated with the SF kink community since the decal Sex 101 pointed me in their direction after experiences and Burning Man made me curious. And in this association, I see there is a great disparity between the number of students who have claimed interest in kink and the number of college-age people in attendance at local kink events. I know this is partially due to people’s fear of not being taken seriously (“What so you want to like…hit people?”) and I want to demonstrate that their desires are valid.

My project continues the goals of the Kink Club as well as my above mentioned personal goals by teaching on the topics of kinky sexual debuts (including negotiation, how hormones play a role, how one decides they’re ready), healthy relationships (including D/s: what’s healthy and what’s not, dealing with conflict, intro to polyamory and alternative relationships), and sexual pleasure (including physiology, primary and secondary erogenous zones, toys, possible role of pain [endorphin rush] and other sensations).

Kink Club meetings are soon to come! Keep your eyes open for info on flyering walls, Facebook, and Fetlife!