I’m Justin, and I’m a Sexpert in the Sexual Health Education Program. I’m currently studying Public Health, and maybe trying to be a doctor, I don’t know. I joined SHEP because I’ve worked as a clinical HIV Counselor for about two years now, and have never ceased to find satisfaction in the work. There’s no feeling like helping someone to drastically change their life and stay healthy, as well as helping de-stigmatize a disease that has plague my community, the queer community, for decades. SHEP’s HIV Clinic, combined with our Sexpert Education Clinic, lets me combine my passion for clinical health, and providing resources and education to underserved or oppressed communities.

In my opinion, the stigma surrounding HIV is the truly dangerous aspect of the disease. I’ve seen stigma keep someone in fear of getting tested for years following their diagnosis, cutting their life far too short, so I’ve made it my personal goal to make sure every client I see leaves my clinic with at least one more piece of knowledge or information that they didn’t have before they came in. Mainly, I just want to talk about sex, and SHEP has been the perfect outlet for that, so come visit!