I decided to handout condoms and SHEP flyers on Thursday, Oct. 29 at the South entrance of campus near Sproul Hall.  It was around 10 am and there was a decent amount of foot traffic, but not as much as around noon.  This was the first time I had ever handed anything out to people on campus.

Before I handed the condoms and flyers out, I was a little hesitant.  I’m not very outgoing to random people and don’t like just approaching people out of nowhere.  Also, I didn’t want to seem like some random, creepy guy just handing out condoms.  However, with it being a requirement of the class, I went along with it anyway.

I handed each condom out with a flyer and told those walking by that they were free condoms from SHEP.  At first, no one really grabbed any.  People just sort of walked by ignoring me, or quickly said no thanks and continued walking.  That kind of sucked, but I understand it because people are always handing out stupid flyers left and right on Sproul.  But at least these weren’t just flyers, they were free condoms too.

Not too long later, though, a couple people grabbed the condoms from me.  Sometimes there would be streaks where everyone I approached would take a condom and then other times it seemed like no one wanted any.  It was also easier for me to hand the condoms out to men than it was for women.  I think this was just due to my own awkwardness of giving random ladies condoms.

It didn’t take too long to handout all the flyers and condoms.  Overall, I thought it was an interesting experience.  I wish I had more to say about it, but it was pretty straight forward.