For our sexual health decal, I was assigned to promote sexual health on our campus by, doing “ Random Acts of Sexiness”, where we inform others about sexual health awareness week and pass out condoms. At first I was shy about doing this, but then began brainstorming ideas and was looking forward to doing this.

Originally I wanted to pass out condoms on Halloween night and dress up as the condom fairy, but unfortunately this assignment was due before Halloween, so I went with another plan. I live in a sorority house, a giant house full of women. Overtime I have heard several sisters, mention when they go out and end up with someone, “oh the guys (or partner) should have condoms”, in my opinion sex is a two person activity and it is not one persons responsibility to have protection, both people involved should be prepared. So I think it is essential for women to be prepared even if they aren’t sexually active or planning on participating in any sexual activities.  For this reason I choose to pass out condom in my sorority house.

Our sorority has a health care worker, that works along side the Tang center and promotes health tips and care in our house, I want to apply for this position next year, I spoke to our house health care worker and talked to her about this project. She seemed really interested and agreed it was a good idea to pass them out in the house.

We have a private Facebook page for our house, so I went on and posted info about sexual health awareness week, and information about condoms and said I would be distributing the condoms in the evening around the house. I wasn’t expecting many girls to show up but to my surprise, a few girls came to me before the evening and into my room and personally asked me for some, then later on in the evening more and more girls showed interested and before I knew it, I was out of condoms and done with random acts of sexiness.

I was not sure what to expect at first, and was nervous about the reaction, I wasn’t sure if some people would be okay with this, or if people would show up, but it all went well beyond what I expected. I was so surprised that as soon as I posted the info on Facebook, people reached out to me before the evening when I was supposed to pass them out.. Sister of all ages came, form freshman to seniors, the picture below was a sister who is a senior a=who reached out to me, and was interested in SHEP. I also talked to a lot of the girl about the decal, and what it was about, and recommended it if they were looking for a decal to take, since tele-bears is coming up. I really enjoyed this experience; it pushed me out of my comfort zone, and helped me bring sexual health awareness to my sorority house.