This last week was Sexual Health Awareness Weak! For SHAW week, I performed my Random Act of Sexiness at Phi Delta Theta fraternity. A Random Act of Sexiness, or RAS, is when us sexperts and the members of the Sex 101 decal take to areas frequented by college students to pass out condoms and other sexual health information!

I decided to do my RAS at Phi Delt. I did this on Thursday, October 29th at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Generally I passed out the condoms and information on Sproul, but I decided to switch it up, and I’m so happy I did. I passed them out to about 15 of the members. I was only turned down by two of the members that I asked, and the rest were really grateful and pretty excited about getting the condoms. They genuinely cared about the information, but I definitely got a few laughs because of how awkward it could be to ask people if they want some free condoms or to be asked, at random, if you want free condoms. After I explained what they were for, however, they were more than willing to take them.

I was definitely questioning my decision to pass out the condoms at the fraternity initially, but I knew that there would be so many people handing them out on Sproul, and I really wanted to target the Greek community, as a member of the community myself. I was unsure about whether or not they would just laugh at me, because they are friends of mine, or if they would take me seriously. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The initial reaction to the question was generally a wide eyed look of surprise, a smile and then a “sure?” or a more enthusiastic reaction followed by questions about why or if they could get more. I got a few questions about the brands and what types of condoms they were, but other than that there weren’t a lot of inquiries.