Sather Road, the path that encompasses both Upper Sproul and the heavily trafficked area between Dwinelle and Wheeler, is arguably the busiest between noon and 1pm, which made it the perfect place to hand out flyers and condoms and spread sexual health awareness. Being the lucky girl that I am, I had a ton of friends and acquaintances that stopped by to talk to me and take a condom (thanks to some shameless self-promotion on Facebook). Some even stayed with me and helped me pass out safer sex supplies. I found that flyering and “condoming” in groups was both easier and more fun. I was done in no time! It only took me about 20 minutes, give or take.

While flyering and “condoming,” I encountered three types of people: the ones who were super friendly, stopped to talk to me, and took a condom (thank goodness these kinds of people exist); the ones who politely declined (I’m usually this person); and the ones who outright ignored me, even after making awkward direct eye contact *cringe*. Also, funnily enough, people were more engaging when the words “free condoms!” were uttered versus “would you like a flyer?” or “are you interested in sexual health/safe sex?” I guess straight to point is a good tactic, which makes sense since most students are in a hurry to get somewhere or, you know, just want free condoms. There were also a few people who came up to me to ask for a condom before going on their way, which was very welcome.

Overall, my Random Act of Sexiness was a very positive and pleasant experience. I had no problem getting rid of all of my flyers and condoms. I talked to some new and interesting people. I got to hang out with a few helpful (and awesome) friends. Of course, perhaps best of all, safe sex for everyone!!! Just in time for Halloweekend, too…