I started my “Random Act of Sexiness” project during a rush at noon on Friday October 30th, and it took place at Sather Gate. My experience with this project was not what I imagined it would be. From past experiences with tabling, I know that students are not very fond of other students that flyer. I understand that it can be annoying to walk down Sproul because there are multiple people inviting you to events, selling items, or asking you to donate to their organization. But for our project, we were not asking students to do anything for us; we were giving them something for free. For this reason, I thought students would be more accepting of the condoms, but I found that this was not in fact true. The first six people that I asked refused the condoms and flyers. I was becoming discouraged because almost none of them were friendly when refusing the condoms. For the most part, people tend to just walk by those that are passing out flyers without giving them a reaction, but when I said “free condoms” those six people gave me a very judgmental look. The seventh person that I asked was surprisingly very excited about the condom. He accepted it and kept on walking only to come back a couple seconds later to ask for some more. The majority of the students that accepted the condoms were guys or people that already knew me. A couple girls accepted the condom with the flyer, but only a group of three girls seemed genuinely interested about what I was doing. They asked why I was giving them out and we continued to have a short conversation about sex positivity. I noticed that students in groups were more willing to take the condoms than those who were walking alone. Some of my friends thought it would be funny to make me show them how to put on a condom, but other than friends, no one else asked. In total I gave out 27 condoms before I called it a day. I was surprised at how many people found the fact that I was passing out condoms offensive. This project made me realize that not many people were comfortable with talking about sex, and many just found it funny.