On November 3, I did a workshop for the health blog, Sather Health. Our topic was sexual identity and the diversity that accompanies. We first started out with an activity: how do you identify? Everyone partnered up and explained what identities were most important to them, and then they shared with the group. A common identity that nearly everyone shared was where they were from, but no one defined themselves by their sexuality. Thus began the presentation! We learned about all that goes in to the acronym LGBTQ. We discussed why the T stood for transgender when that is a gender orientation, and not a sexual identity. We even went beyond those five letters and explored identities such as pansexual and asexual. We defined the differences between romantic attraction and sexual attraction, and played around with all the possible combinations (like being homoromantic but asexual). Finally, we looked at the Kinsey scale, along with other work that Alfred Kinsey contributed to the field of sexual identity. Much was learned, and students walked out of the workshop with a slightly new perspective on the diversity of human sexuality.