My random act of sexiness was done at the high performance center in the stadium. This is a very popular spot on campus for all student athletes, and with our demanding schedules it is always a populated area. During this time, I handed out 30 condoms that were given to me in the women’s athletic locker room. This has every women’s team on campus, and I received a lot of great feed back about SHAW.
During this process, at first I felt a bit awkward only because some women feel the need to death glare you for holding condoms in front of their faces, let alone giving them out for free (“Laugh Out Loud moment”). But over all it was a fun project, I was able to really involve myself with the sexual health awareness programs and facilities we have here on campus at Tang center and promote this decal which is awesome, and I was also able to provide a bit of inside to what I have learned so far in class. I appreciate this assignment also because I typically would never do this at home, so this was cool to go outside my limits and spread the word about something considered uncomfortable and hushed in this society.

Aka Tasty Taurie