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Lustful Lucero and I facilitated an Intro to Sexual Health workshop at Casa Joaquin and it was a ton of fun. We met with about 30 residents at the house and talked about anatomy, the sexual response cycle and healthy relationships. According to their website, Casa Joaquin is a multi-ethnic residential community that supports low-income, first generation college students. It was founded in 1970 by Chicano/Latino students at a time when there were only 150 Chicano students on campus. Their coordinator mentioned during our presentation that people of color are often more susceptible to STIs and early pregnancy because of a lack of education and access to sexual health information. It was really great to be in that inclusive space and share our knowledge.

First we started out with the “Chores” game. We asked everybody to tell us what their least favorite chore to do is and why. We got responses such as “I hate cleaning the bathroom because there’s always hair in there.” and “I hate doing laundry because it takes too long.” Then we asked it to replace the chore with sex. It really broke the ice and made everyone laugh. During the presentation we got a lot of great questions about topics such as anal sex, pleasure and STI treatment. It was awesome to have such a great group who were so comfortable asking questions.

– Sensual Susannah