vanessa1For my random act of sexiness, I decided to pass out my flyers and condoms during my club’s (Hermanas Unidas) weekly Thursday meeting on October 29, 2015 at 7PM. These meetings are intended to be safe spaces where people are encouraged to socialize, network, and also talk about different topics relating to careers and “adult life”. I have expressed my interest in sexual health to these women before and therefore I felt more than comfortable presenting information and resources to them. I was able to talk about my experience in the decal as well as give some more information on proper condom use and the different types of condoms I was passing out. I also informed them about the HIV testing on 10/30/2015 at Tang and reminded them to stay safe during the Halloween weekend. Overall I believe I was able to reach about 40 people with the information and resources and I really enjoyed being able to talk about this subject with my fellow Hermanas. I liked the fact that everyone felt comfortable enough to ask me questions about the condoms and their usage/purpose but I was also glad to know that many of the girls had a nice amount of prior knowledge. I feel like this experience has definitely pushed me further to become more involved in programs dealing with sexual health and hopefully eventually pursue a career in sexual health education.vanessa2