My first community project, which I co-facilitated with Jasmin, was on Friday, November 20th.  We had a decent turnout of about eight people, however, we did not realize that the rally for the Big Game was that night therefore most of our floor was gone.  We figured it was appropriate for our first workshop to present the topic of Intro to Sexual Health, just to give everyone a general beginning for our workshop series.  We ultimately opened the workshop to the floors above and below us because we share Resident Assistants, however, only females attended even though it was open to males as well (hopefully that will change for the next one!) It was a bit awkward in the beginning because not everyone knew each other but it didn’t take long for everyone to get comfortable and ready to discuss.

Overall, the workshop was a very interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding experience.  Everyone was attentive, willing to discuss any previous knowledge that they may have had, and willing to participate in our small activity (following along with proper condom usage and then a condom race).  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and I believe that with engaging activities and discussions our community is able to better retain the information we present to them (I even feel more confident about the topics after presenting them).  Ultimately, I found that the workshop was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed working with my community, I just wished we could have had a larger turnout but that was our fault for not realizing that it was the night of the rally.