Hi everyone, my name is Autumn! I’m originally from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, but now I’m here at Cal. I’m a first year student and for right now I have no clue what my major will be. There’s a possibility that I might major in Public Health or Psychology, but for currently everything’s up in the air. As of the end of the last semester, I can proudly call myself a Sexual Health Program Intern (SHEPI). The Sexual Health Program is a program provided through the Tang Center that provides sexual health education in a fun and sexy way! Through workshops, events, classes, and blogs, we hope to help people make positive and informed decisions about their sexual health. Coming from someone who hasn’t learned about sexual health since their freshman year of high school, I was interested in learning more and this is one of the main reasons why I wanted to become a SHEPI in the first place. I think that sometimes, there is a stigma around sex, which prevents people from reaching out to others and learning more about their sexual health and the importance of it. By having peers (SHEPI’s) communicate with people about sexual health, it helps to dissolve the stigma around sex and open up necessary conversation about sexual health. Hopefully by providing this service, we as SHEPI’s can promote sexual awareness throughout the Berkeley community by educating those around us. As of right now, I’m learning a lot of about sexual health that I never knew before. There’s so much to learn, so to say the least, being a SHEPI will be a journey for myself. After learning a tremendous amount from our lead health educator and “Sex Goddess”, Robin Mills, I will finally become a Sexpert. By the time I become a Sexpert, I hope to be able to effectively educate others about their sexual health in a fun, relatable manner, so that people here at Berkeley can have a safe and healthy sex life!

-SHEPI Autumn