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This week Reyna, Cypress, and I began our journey towards teaching our first Sex 101 class as a part of being DeCal facilitators for our internship through the Tang Center. We had a total of about 20 students show up for class, and we, with the help of the students, helped designate a number of sexy names for the students. We covered the syllabus and broke down the essentials for National Condom Week for the students, and we made arrangements for those students who had class during their tabling times. With Reyna’s help, we showed the class a sort of fun fact/activity where we compared baby oil on a condom to silicon-based lube on condom and explained to them that the baby oil on the condom actually breaks down the polyurethane-based condom in order to prevent them from doing so themselves. Condoms do well with silicon, water, or cream-based lube since it helps ease the friction, and the students took nicely to the demonstration.

We also went over the upcoming lectures and how we partitioned the topics for certain days amongst ourselves. For example, while Reyna covers Anatomy and Safer Sex, I will be covering Healthy Relationships and Sexual Identities. A number of students seemed nervous with the Sexy Names at first, but after giving a few examples of names such as “Kinks Lynx” “Make it Reyna” and “Slip it in Sergio” the students came up with names such as “Deep Dick Damian”, “Slither In Saif”, “Nutty Natalie”, “Anal Adam”, and “Balls Deep Ben”.

-Sexpert Sergio