Hello! I’m Janet and I am a peer educator for the Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) on campus. I’m a 4th year studying Integrative Biology with an interest in women’s health. I’m involved in SHEP because I believe it’s important to explore your sexuality and to make informed, safe decisions while doing so. Growing up, I never received the “sex talk” because it was a taboo topic. Barriers of language and little openness to sexuality in my cultural background was the constraint of my sexual education. We learn how to read, write and do math – how is a comprehensive education in sexual health not equally necessary?

Knowing what I know now, I feel empowered to teach others who may be going through the circumstance that I was in. I simply did not know much about sex (other than what I saw on TV or the internet). I believe there’s more than just discovering sex: it’s about being safe and responsible in your choices, being comfortable and confident in your own skin and learning how to communicate your needs. Participating in the program is a great way for personal growth and taking on a leadership role in your community as an educator. You become both a resource for your peers and a sexpert!


-SHEPI Janet