For the project, my community will be ideally 7-15 people from the dorm that I lived in my freshman year. During my freshman year I lived in Clark Kerr where I formed a group of close-knit friends that I still keep in touch with and actually still live wit102859-10.01.ClarkKerrRob.FRADKIN-01h in proximity (the same apartment building and around the block).

This has always been a community that I felt lucky to be a part of and while it comprises most of my close friends, I think it would be a great opportunity to teach them what I’ve learned about sexual education. I could also convince them all to bring a friend to make an even bigger group. I would be able to develop workshops in a context that promotes a more comprehensive base knowledge that they may or may not have. Because the group would primarily be 4th years who are sexually active, I think my project goal would be to focus more on the topic of sexual debuts, relationships, sexual pleasure and common STIs/HIV.

I plan to publicize my project by making a post and creating an event on Facebook. I’m part of the Biology Scholars Program on campus so I could also ask to make an announcement on the weekly newsletters that they could email within our group. I had not mentioned this before but I am also part of this community and if I am able to get some people from there to join, it would be a great way to combine both communities that I am closely a part of. Mostly, I think my publicity will be through word of mouth.


-SHEPI Janet