Hello Everybody. My name is Vidhi and I am proud to say that I am a new SHEPpie! I can’t wait for this semester to get rolling so that I can learn many new things about sexual health and happiness. SHEP is a great program that makes a huge difference on this campus.  With its random acts of sexiness and its Sex 101 decal, SHEP is a great support syVidhistem to both undergraduate and graduate students. I personally cannot wait for national condom week. Be on the look out for free condoms and sexual advice. If you see me don’t be afraid to say hi.


I hope to become a gynecologist in the future and I believe that in order to become a great gynecologist it is essential to have a solid foundation in sexual health.  I know that SHEP will give me a solid foundation and will also give me an opportunity to give back to my Cal community. Growing up Sexual Education in my public school really wasn’t the best. I know many of you may have had the same experience, but fear not. SHEP is there for you with its many peer advisors. Just hop on over to the Tang Center and we will help you no matter what.


Lots of Love,