This week’s class mainly focused on the topics of safer sex and consent. We agreed that Reyna would be the one mainly giving this presentation and it went rather well. It actually made me excited for further classes we have in store. Now that we got our first lecture out of the way, I feel as though the standard has been set. I talked to students from the class afterwards, and they all said that the class was a major success. Essentially, I knew that what we were doing definitely came across the way we wanted it to, and this was in part due to Reyna’s presentation skills, Cypress’ insight, and my demonstrations I had with the condoms. We did have a number of questions for the class, and they included topics such as blindness caused by an STD, asking another classmate to describe how their experience getting an implant for birth control was, and the way to put on a condom. For my demonstrations, I showed the class how to properly put on a condom, and I also showed them how to put on a condom with their mouths, much to their amusement. I taught them how to do the bubble test with the condoms, and I also instructed them how to properly check if the condom is expired or not. Although I did feel as though some students had more questions, I did instruct them that they could email us if they had any questions. I actually learned a few things from the class myself, like HPV being the most common STD and that gonorrhea has strains that are resistant to antibiotics. Overall, I thought that this week’s class was a major success, and I definitely look forward to future classes and especially the ones I’ll be teaching about Healthy Relationships and Sexual Identities.

-Sexpert Sergio