Since handing out condoms during my tabling session on Sproul was a little bit uncomfortable for me, I decided to do my Random Act of Sexiness in a place where I felt more comfortable — the Daily Californian office. Since I am always there, I felt like handing them out to people I see and talk to on a regular basis would be less stressful and easier for me. My friend (who is also on staff) took this picture of me delivering a random act of sexiness to someone on staff. I asked my head editor if I could make an announcement during our weekly staff meetings so everyone would be in one place at one time so I could talk to them about National Condom Week and the reason why I was handing out free condoms. It went pretty much how I expected it — some scattered laughs with some jokes thrown out by one or three people. While the laughs and jokes made me feel a little embarrassed on Sproul, I felt fine hearing them at the office since I knew everyone was just playing around and meant the best.Chris Tril RAoS


As you can see in the picture, the guy who I’m handing the condom to looked a little skeptical to take it at first. He took it though, as well as mostly everyone who was there. This went really well, compared to handing them out in public where I got denied about 70% of the time. I think this is because someone might feel like taking condoms from a stranger is a little sketchy. They might think, “why am I going to have sex with a condom that could have been tampered with when I can just go to the store and buy a box that I know is straight from the factory?”. With the people at the Daily Cal, I feel that they trusted me and knew me enough that they knew the condoms were fine, which is why so many took them. They were happy to help me out and some of them even took two. In the end, everyone gave a quick clap and we went back to the regular staff meeting.

-Decal Student Chris