Reflecting on how nervous I was when I first got this assignment, I realized after there was nothing to be scared of. People were either into it, or were more scared of me. Those into it would gladly accept the safer sex supply either silently or make a grand gesture. Those who were more scared of me made nervous eye contact away and would not verbally say anything, just shake their head or pretend they did not hear or see me.  IMG_0741 (1)

I think NCW and this random act of kindness is uncomfortable thinking about it because sex is still this secretive grown up talk although it is the main focus of advertisements today.

Passing out condoms with a friend, we were able to pass out a full bag in only 7 minutes. Guys accepted condoms more than girls when we offered, but this may be due to a skewed amount of males passing by or the girls passing by were in groups and did not want others to think into it. One guy returned later with a friend hovering behind him, possibly getting condoms for his nervous friend.

-Decal Student Yvette