For National Condom Week I got to pass out 50 condoms to students around the UC Berkeley Campus. I decided to take my route around the Bancroft Library area since there are three different libraries and reading rooms in the same building.  The first things I noticed i that girls were far less likely to accept a condom from me. I’m not sure if this is because I am a guy but when I asked other guys whether they would like a condom they were more likely to say yes. The first person that I approached to take a picture with me while handing them the condom was a girl and she seemed a little taken aback that I would ask her for that seemingly small favormateo

I think the main reason that girls rejected me more often than boys is because it may have been a little awkward for a guy to be handing them condom two days before Valentine’s Day. It may also have been the spot that I chose to hand them out since a library is usually a place that is really quiet and a place that people go to focus. However, for some unknown reason I thought that I would have more success handing them out there than at Sproul Plaza which was a miscalculation on my part. Finally, I also noticed that if someone rejected my offer and others noticed that others would follow the same decision or vise versa. Overall not the most comfortable assignment but I found it nice to spread healthy habits.  :^)


-Decal student Mateo