If you asked me to pass out condoms in public as a freshman, I wouldn’t have willingly done so.  Even as a senior, I still felt slightly uncomfortable and awkward offering strangers condoms at first. Throughout the entire process, most people felt shy and aways accepting them. I believe because I was passing them out alone it seemed sketchy to accept them, which is why many people didn’t stop to listen to me. Also, for people like my freshman self, having sex wasn’t something I engaged in, so some outright said they didn’t need/want any.

Even though we have only had a couple of class sessions, I can see why talking about sex should be something normalized. People feel embarrassed, awkward, uncomfortable, and shy when asked to talk about sex. Whether it is personal, cultural, or for some other reason, there’s something about the topic that creates an elephant in the room.  For me, I used to think sex was something that shouldn’t be publicly spoken about because of how intimate and sacred the act is. But over time, I realized that sex can be mean different things to different people and taking about it shouldn’t be taboo because after all, it is a natural act.

So when I was passing out condoms, I noticed how uncomfortable people became and it reminded me of how I used to view sex. As something that I didn’t want people to know I was or wasn’t doing. Overall, I was happy when people did accept them because whether or not they wanted me to know they were involved in the act, they were going to need the condoms. This is definitely an experience I will remember forever


-Decal Student Carolina