Hi yall,

So for my random act of sexiness, I passed out condoms on Sproul. I thought about distributing them to people in my house, but my house isn’t that big, so I thought I would do better to give them out on campus.
So I went out on Friday, February 12 at noon. This is usually my lunch break between a full day of classes, and while I had a pretty good time passing out condoms for National Condom Week tabling just a couple of days before, I was nervous to be doing it totally by myself. So basically, I thought it would go alright. But I wasn’t looking forward to it.
I really didn’t need to be so down about it though. Everything went well! Of course, there were a few people who gave me funny looks for offering them condoms, but no one was mean or anything. Mostly if people didn’t want them, they still thought it was kind of funny that I was there. And when people did take them, either they were very excited to have them, or they were a little surprised and a little embarrassed but cool about it.
It turns out that I also really didn’t need to worry about it taking up my whole break to give out fifty condoms. I left my 11-12 class a little bit late, and by 12:12, I was out of condoms to give. Basically it took ten minutes. It turns out that with college students heading to lunch on a sunny Friday right before Valentine’s Day, condoms are not a difficult thing to get rid of.
My favorite people to give condoms to were groups of friends. I would hand one person a condom while the whole group walked by, and either their friends would look kinda jealous, or the person getting them would kind of be happily embarrassed, and they would all laugh about it once they got a few yards past me. Good times.
Anyway, that’s my experience. Thanks y’all.
– Decal Student (Anal) Andrew