This week in the decal, we’re talking about anatomy and sexual health! Before moving into the new topic for the week, I wanted to clarify some questions that we did not have immediate answers to last week. There were multiple questions on circumcision, both what it was and the benefits and drawbacks as well as questions on potential blindness and untreated gonorrhea. Since there were multiple questions on both topics, I wanted to make sure that there was no confusion moving forward. repro

Because during the first day when playing the ice breaker, “Rose, Bud, and Thorn” where the students had to speak about which subjects they were looking forward to and dreading. Unfortunately, many of the students are not looking forward to learning about anatomy because they feel as if they have talked about it so often in other classes. My goal for this class is to scatter the dense material of discussing specific anatomical parts with other material that may be more interesting regarding sexual health such as self-breast and testicular exams, as well as external genitalia development in utero!

Because I do find the anatomy portion of the class fun, my goal is to have all the students participate and learn something new about the human reproductive system that they were completely unaware of before! I’m sure with such an inquisitive and broad group of students I’ll end up learning something new too.’

~Sexpert Reyna