Location: Center Street, Berkeley CA

Date: 02/15/16

Time: 2:03pm

Number of Condoms Distributed: All 50!


I live on the west side of campus, and I want to hand out the condoms somewhere I was a bit more familiar with. Center is the street right off west entrance of the school; this is the area where most of the people who leaving and entering campus pass through. With all of the restaurants, there are always people out, which makes it a perfect area to hand the condoms out. It actually took me a while to build up the courage to start handing them out. It was different from handing them out on Sproul because this group was not just students from campus, but actual adults who live in Berkeley as well. I was also alone here, instead of with the other members from the decal, but I think all it took was giving out the first condom to make me less nervous about handing them out in public. After that, as more people walked by I was more comfortable with asking the strangers if they wanted one. What I enjoyed most about the experience was seeing the different reactions from people who walked by or talked to me. You could tell that most people were more hesitant about taking a condom, but there were also a handful of people who were more enthusiastic. Most people are probably embarrassed by being offered condom in public, because there is sort of a stigma around talking about things related to sex in public. I feel as if this experience helped me to start breaking away from that.

~Decal Student Yselia