Hello all! Recently I decided to join a decal called Sex 101 at Berkeley. It covers every single sexual topic you could possibly think of (STIs, piercings, anatomy, relationships, porn, etc). As a part of the class, I had to distribute 50 condoms to people (either on the streets or to friends I knew). I decided to do the latter, simply because I am a bit awkward around strangers. Here is a picture of me distributing condoms to one of my old suite mates/current housemate:


This image was taken on Saturday, February 13, 2016 in the afternoon (just in time for  Valentines Day!) at my apartment (that I honestly only stay at half the time, long story). I distributed condoms over a period of a week, as I met up with friends and saw them come and go. Ultimately, I distributed about 30 condoms. Some of my friends who weren’t in a relationship took some anyway, for the future 😉. I did remind them that they had about 2-3 years before those condoms expired. Haha. I found the experience to be quite fun and it led to a lot of discussion on sexual health and the decal. My friends would inquire about why I was handing out condoms, and ask me to share what I’ve learned in class so far.

This caught me off guard, as I actually thought that it would be very awkward and weird. I think the fact that I was super chill about it made everyone else also super chill, which is really awesome. I don’t think talking about sex should be taboo, and I think this experience really helped with getting to that point. I know that at least for me it did! I am completely open with talking about sex now and I am completely ready to answer any questions. BRING IT ON

~Decal StudentTrinh