“SAFE SEX—WHOOO!” along with “National Condom Week. Get your condoms—free condoms!” has been my mantra for the past week. Besides passing out at least 300 condoms to Cal students while dressed as a fleshy penis on Sproul for four hours last Wednesday, I also participated in Random Acts of Sexiness by handing out an additional sixty condoms to the freshmen on my floor for the past two weeks.  Armed with a fanny-pack full of condoms, I handed (and occasionally, threw) many a condom to whoever I heard walking down the hall, and soon upped the celebration of RAS by putting condoms in my backpack and sticking them to the hall’s communal “Free Wall.” The wall was a definite success; within hours of being put up, the smiley face of condoms I had created had been taken down, and when I put more up the next day, these soon too disappeared. The day before Valentine’s Day, knowing how likely the hall was to be either hungry or sexually active, I stuck chocolate hearts to the condoms and attached them to the wall. This appeared to be definite hit, as I soon came back to see the bag of candy and condoms completely gone—which I can only hope went to various members of the floor (and not just someone hungry for crackle rice chocolate hearts).

While I immensely enjoyed being known as the girl who dressed up as penis to my friends and floor-mates, and feeling like the college version of the tooth fairy, I am more so pleased with how people now feel more comfortable asking me safe sex questions and about sex in general. With lots of freshmen hormones raging within this dorm hallway, I’m glad to be known as the “girl who always has condoms.” Safe sex is the best sex!

~Decal Student Elizabeth