Location: Chi Omega

Date: Throughout the week, picture is from Valentine’s Day
Time: Around 5pm
Distributed all 50 condoms, in pic there are 23 condoms.
I passed out condoms to my friends in Chi Omega, as well as my boyfriend’s friends. Everyone seemed really excited to get them, especially because of Valentine’s Day! I thought it would be harder to pass them out, but people really wanted to participate in safe sex. Throughout the week, I passed them out or told people to come in my room whenever and get them. On Valentine’s Day, I left the condoms in a shape of a heart down in the kitchen and people took them all! I gave them to my boyfriend’s friends before they went on their dates. Passing them out was not awkward at all and people were really into it. It is nice to promote safer sex. I even found out how some people have preference on what kind of condoms they like the best. My one friend really wanted the beaded condom. No one I tried giving the condoms too refused them or said that they do not use them, which was really nice. I realized there is a big need for condoms in my community to keep everyone safe. Overall, the experience really opened my eyes to how many people want condoms, as well as it was fun to pass them out.
~Decal Student Krista