Let’s take it nice and slow. There are varies taboos surrounding Anal Sex, one of many is that this sexual interaction only occurs with homosexuals which gladly is incorrect. In reality, multiple people from varies lifestyles enjoy the pleasures of engaging in the wonderful field of anal sex.


Although anal sex has its benefits, there are important sex safety tips to remember. First of all, the safety and hygiene of all partners involved is important therefore always remember to change condoms when changing sites of penetration. Additionally, dental dams are highly recommended for anilingus (oral stimulation of the anus). Secondly, take it slow, no need to rush the precious moment. Anal sex is far from being a quickie. Third, lube will work magic, not only to prevent discomfort but also triggering pleasure senses. Unlike our wonderful vulvas, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate so lubrication is an absolute necessity. Water-based lubricants are better and accommodate all types of condoms, guaranteeing unwanted accidents. Lastly, “Communication is Lubrication!” applies to all aspects of sexuality. When it comes to anal sex communicating with your partner about taking it slow, changing angles, or to apply more lube is especially important.


All in all, listen to your body. Anal sex shouldn’t be painful. If it is, you’re doing something wrong. Please don’t force it.


~Sexpert Lucero