In this week’s Decal, Slip-it-in-Sergio is talking about relationships! He is going to lead the facilitators and the decal students through defining a healthy relationship to signs of an  relationshipsunhealthy relationship. Through the entire presentation we are using many characters of Steven Universe as examples of relationships because there are surprisingly many types of relationships shown in the show! By providing the decal students with a fun source of examples we hope to open up the conversation in what kinds of relationships are better off ending and the process of breaking up. My personal favorite topic this week is all about communication! Because we are diving into relationships, we also must talk about communication between partners and boundaries. This is important to make sure that relationships stay healthy and wanted.

Lastly we are also discussing sexual debuts and getting rid of the concept of virginities. This allows us to talk about what counts as a sexual debut because as Sergio puts it, “literally anything” can count as a sexual debut whereas the concept of virginity is unclear and murky. Hopefully through this talk we can also discuss some simple questions for people to ask themselves to check if they are ready to have a sexual debut.

Through all of the fun activities, and videos planned for this week’s decal, I am sure that there will be a good discussion of our topics for the week and even begin diving into next week’s topic on sexual identities!


~Sexpert Reyna