Like the SEXperts enjoy saying, “Communication is Lubrication!” Exploring your sexuality for the purpose of being comfortable and knowledgeable will aid your vaginal muscles from not clenching from the tension and nervousness that can cause pain/discomfort resulting in the soreness. To ease the pain and to prevent vaginal tearing, purchasing lubricant will work magic. Discussing with your partner about your needs and worries will enhance the experience to benefit both of you. In addition, the common conception about bleeding during and after having sex for the first time is an understandable concern. What causes the bleeding/ spotting? The hymen is the thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening but it’s important to know that not every woman is born with one. Therefore, not all women will bleed during their first time. The hymen is delicate that it starts to wear down over time from varies activities like, playing sports, tampon usage, menstruation and normal common movements. Chances are that all that is left is a partial hymen that shouldn’t be overwhelmingly painful when breaking and if during your first time there is pain it’s probably the feeling of penetration and muscles clenching up. If there is bleeding it should appear as light spotting that does not compare to having your period. Finally, being acquainted with your vaginal angle will aid your partner and lessen any potential pain. Not all women are straight up and down but in an angle that is towards either your spine or belly button. If you use tampons pay close attention on the angle of insertion and recreate the angle when having penetrative sex. If you don’t use tampons, you can always insert a finger to find the angle. Understanding where you feel comfortable with help greatly when engaging in penetrative sex. On a final note, when engaging for the first couple of times in penetrative sex, if there is pain/discomfort it is completely normal for your body is not use to the feeling.

~Sexpert Lucero