Today was my first time tabling outside of the Tang Center it was a very different experience from Sproul tabling sessions.  I tabled by myself and it was quite windy, which made it a bit difficult because I couldn’t properly set up our table because everything was getting blown off.  The banner, flyers, condoms, even our kit with all of our supplies almost flew away!  I had to put most of our stuff in the kit to keep everything from flying away.  Our table was a little sad with most things put away, but there were still many people who stopped to ask what I was doing there- maybe the minimalism made it more mysterious… tabling

Nevertheless, I think many more people stopped to ask what I was tabling for today than when I am on Sproul.  It even seemed that more people were willing to take condoms and flyers. In fact, the first person that walked up to me stopped to ask me confidently about our glycerin-free lube (our pink bottles), which is not what usually happens on Sproul.  As my hour went on, there were several people who asked about SHEP services and several who stopped before I could even offer them a flyer.  I almost forgot to mention all of the kind people who stopped to help when some of the condoms flew off the table- the wind did a pretty good job on helping me pass them out actually because several people picked them up and then kept them. In the end, tabling at Tang was very fun, hopefully the next time won’t be as wind but either way there were tons of great people that I had the chance to speak with today and afterwards I was able to use the massage chair because I had to return all of the supplies.  I definitely recommend those to everyone especially during this midterm season!

~Sexpert Melissa