For my community project I have chosen the Unit 2 residence hall building, Wada, to present my workshops. The reason that I chose Wada is because it is known as the upper class and transfer building. I do not personally live at Wada but I frequently visit the building and am familiar with many of the other fellow transfer students who reside there. Being a transfer student myself, this is the community I identify with most here at Cal and why I chose Wada as my community.  According to the UC Berkeley housing website, about 230 students live in each resident building in Unit 2.

For my workshops, I am planning to focus on the topics, Introduction to Sexual Health and Safer Sex. I also want to focus on communication and sex positivity in my workshops. The reason I want to focus on these topics is because I think having general sexual health knowledge is important, whether the residents are sexually active yet or not, learning about sexual health is helpful in being healthy. I am also planning on speaking of communication and sex positivity because personally, these are the two topics that have stuck out to me most so far from being in SHEP. I find that the effect of communication in relationships, sexual or not, is underrated and I would like to share and encourage my community to embrace the power of communication. I also want to encourage a sex positive environment because sex often is or will be a topic discussed in resident halls. I hope I can promote an atmosphere of positivity amongst those types of conversations.

In order to publicize my workshops, I have spoken with a Resident Advisor of the building who has offered to help me send out email notifications to the residents. I will also be posting flyers around the building and asking my friends who live there to spread the word to their housemates or floormates. I am still unsure on the number of workshops I will be presenting but so far I am thinking to have one focused on general sexual health, another on safer sex with an emphasis on communication, and possibly one entirely on the promotion of what it means to be sex positive.