My community for my semester project will hopefully be my lady lifeguarding coworkers,
or in other words, some of my most fantastic friends and otherwise known as the “wifeguards.”
Depending on level of interest, I think I could reasonably expect around ten, plus or minus a few
people. I’m choosing this community because, as the name suggests, I love my wifeguards, and
we have really fostered a healthy and wonderfully fun community of confident women. I believe
it was because of them that I shed some of the “girlhate”
and competition between women that
we tend to experience and a huge part of that has come from supporting each other in our
sexual and romantic endeavors (instead of shaming each other for them). We are very
comfortable with one another, and I know from previous conversations that many of them would
be excited to learn and talk about about sex on a new level.
If I do get to present to this community, my target audience would be mostly women with
mostly heterosexual partners. So, my main focuses would be on safer sex, including STI/HIV
prevention, and sexual pleasure, with a sideemphasis
on masturbation, toys, and “nonvanilla”
sex, because many of them have expressed interest in kink. Many of us are sexually active in all
sorts of relationship dynamics, so I think that it would be valuable to go into the details of safer
sex methods, especially when navigating frequent multiple partners and how to protect all
parties from STI’s/HIV. Then, on the note of new partners, I think it would be a productive and
fun discussion to talk about how to get the most pleasure out of sex, even if it is just once with a
partner. For those in monogamous or longterm
relationships, this would still be valuable to talk
about how to enhance the sex already being had with toys or other techniques they may not
have thought to try. Finally, regardless of anyone’s orientation or relationship dynamic,
masturbation techniques are pretty much always important. I know too many young women
who, despite being sexually active, have never had an orgasm before!
I think two to three workshops would be good, depending on length of each one. The
SHEP workshops split up safer sex and STIs/HIV, though I could see combining these and then
stretching sexual pleasure, especially if I delve into kink since there is so much to cover (which
also has a “safer” component). I’ll have a better idea of how many workshops and at what length
once we start learning the content, but for now, this is what I’m envisioning and I think it will be
really fun!


~SHEPI Melanie