Hello everybody. I hope you all are having a wonderful first few weeks back at Cal. Even though I miss my mom’s cooking and my dad’s corny jokes I am glad to be back at Cal surrounded by my great friends.  Some of you may have figured out that it is my first year at Berkeley, and like most first years I live in the dorms. I have noticed that many of my fellow first years are starting to experiment with sexual activity, and while doing so they may not know how to practice sexual activity in a safe way that is enjoyable. As a result I have decided to hold to sexual information workshop for my dorm floor. There are about 30 freshmen on my floor. These kids have become my second family at Cal. The reason I am choosing to do workshops with this community is because I want what is best for my second family. I want them to explore but at the same time be safe and have fun.  At first I will present three workshops. These workshops will cover basic information about sexual health but will go more into detail than high school sexual education. The first workshop with is an introduction to sexual health. In this workshop I will teach my floor mates how to conduct self-breasts and testicular exams. I will also go over STI treating and basic health testing. In my second workshop I will go over virginity and the first time a person decides to become sexually active.  In my last workshop I will go over healthy relationships. In this workshop I will go over communication, characteristics of a healthy and unhealthy relationship, and ways to deal with conflict and breakups.  I may conduct more workshops depending on the needs of my floor.  You may be wondering why two out of the three proposed workshops are focusing on eh mental state of mind rather than physical state. I believe that when people are taught about sexual health, many don’t learn about the emotional implications. I want to make sure my floor mates feel comfortable and safe in what they choose to do, whether that be engaging in sexual activity or waiting to do so.

~SHEPI Vidhi