Most people look for partners they are attracted to, but there are a lot of factors going into that attraction.  A lot of people look for people they are sexually attracted to, but not all attraction is attr attractionsexual.  Check out these 5 types of attraction and think about the kinds of relationships you have with people based on the way you are attracted to them.

  1. Platonic Attraction : Have you ever met someone and instantly become friends because you are both obsessed with the same TV show?  You and that person are platonically attracted to each other.  Platonic attraction refers to the attraction a person feels towards a person you want to be friends with.
  1. Aesthetic Attraction: Aesthetic attraction refers to the visual pleasure you might get from looking at someone.  Aesthetic attraction is a visual appreciation of another person.  It’s important to note that this type of attraction does not prompt any action.  If you’re strictly aesthetically attracted to someone, you enjoy looking at them but that attraction doesn’t prompt any action.
  1. Romantic Attraction: Romantic attraction refers to the romantic feelings you get towards certain people.  If you are romantically attracted to someone, you desire to be in a romantic relationship with that person.
  1. Sensual Attraction: Sensual attraction refers to the desire to touch another person, but not necessarily in a sexual way.  If you are sensually attracted to someone, you might want to hug them, hold hands with them, or kiss them.  Sensual attraction refers specifically to non-genital contact and is not associate with orgasm.
  1. Sexual Attraction: Sexual attraction refers to the desire to engage in sex with someone.  If you are sexually attracted to someone, you want to have sex with them.  There is a distinction between sexual and sensual attraction that should be noted.  If you are sexually attracted to someone, you want to touch their genitals, and you want them to touch yours!  You can be sensually and sexually attracted to the same person, but sometimes people only experience one or the other or neither.


It’s important to remember that people experience the types of attraction differently, and some people don’t experience them at all.  For example, a person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction can identify as asexual.  However, they might experience other types of attraction, even sensual attraction.  People can also be aromantic, meaning they don’t experience romantic attraction.  All types or attraction or lack there are of are valid and important, and their relationships are just as valid and important as sexual relationships.


If you aren’t sure how to navigate your own attraction or someone else’s attraction to you, have a conversation about it! Think about all the types of attraction and think about how you feel.  Talk to your partner(s) and investigate.


Stay safe and sexy!

Sexpert Taylor