During this most recent Super Bowl, Super Bowl 50, the event that some claim has caused the city of San Francisco to face much disruption, a commercial was aired by the NFL known simply as ‘Super Bowl Babies.’  Featured in this ad were multiple groups of people ranging from children to adults with each group being the same age and donning the same team garb, and all claiming to have been conceived after their parent’s team won. It made the viewer contemplate that if they were born in October or November the year their parent’s football team won at the Super Bowl, they might have been the result of their parent’s joy at that. The NFL said in a statement that they hoped the awkward conversations would occur.


This commercial brought up an important point, one that is important to keep in mind the week before another day of supposed mass conception. The fact that during great excitement and passion, protection can be forgotten and accidents (of both the reproduction and STI variety) can happen. In order to prevent this, be honest with yourself before the exciting event happens. Is there any chance you will have sex? Even a 1% chance? Then be prepared with the forms of protection you need for your preferred sexual activities (traditional condoms, insertive condoms, dental dams, etc) and incentivize yourself to use them rather that be by also having your favorite lube or even storing a piece of chocolate with your supplies that you and your partner(s) can consume if the protection is used.


Remember: no matter how exciting the event is, protection is still just as important. Happy Valentine’s Day! Be safe bears : )


~Caning Kylie