I had such a fun time tabling for National Condom Week today (Tuesday)! SHEP was tabling with ASUC and the LEAD Center, who had a super cute and crafty Valentine’s Day card making table, a raffle, and also an equally awesome photo-op for Healthy Relationships Week! It was really great collaborating with ASUC and the LEAD Center! I met a lot of new people, and everyone did a great job promoting each other’s tables and services. This week is definitely one of sex-positive vibes, so I hope students on campus take advantage of it!IMG_6429

A lot of people stopped by the table for free safer sex supplies. Not many knew what an insertive condom was or how to use one, so I was happy to demonstrate with our plastic female anatomy model (named Deborah). Dental dam demonstrations were also a favorite!

Unfortunately, there were no non-latex condoms on hand, so I was not able to hand any out to the handful of people that asked for them. Good thing SHEP will be tabling for the rest of the week; we will be sure to have some non-latex traditional condoms on deck!

~Sexpert Linda