Just joking, there is no wrong reason to break up with your partner. If at anytime you believe your partner isn’t measuring up to your standards, give em’ the boot. There is no “wrong reason” to kick your significant other to the curve, whether they are a deadbeat, have poor hygiene, or isn’t pleasuring you in bed. I know, I know.. this might seem a little harsh. But personally (NOTE: THESE ARE MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS), I believe if you really want it to work out then you should definitely talk to your partner about it and try to come up with a solution, no one likes a quitter.


Sometimes break-ups are not mutual. Sometimes they are a little nasty. Sometimes they are painful. But it’s important to keep in mind that pain is only temporary, and it is important to keep busy during this time. Now.. you might be asking.. how do I break up with my partner? Well, it is important to prepare yourself for this conversation, note how you feel. Explain, why you don’t think things are working out, be clear. Don’t do it over facebook, text message, or a phone call (unless you don’t have any other option). Meet your soon to be ex-boo in person and make sure to use “I” statements. Be honest, not so much harsh (I mean this is another human being with feeling). Suggest being friends, but don’t be mad if they don’t want to be friends. Move on, delete this person on social media or even your phone if you believe you will be constantly contacting this person. Don’t feel guilty, you did what you had to do in order to be content. It important to hang out with friends and reach out to family if you feel a little down.

~Sexpert Jasmin