“HAPPY NATIONAL CONDOM WEEK! COME GET YOUR FREE SAFER SEX SUPPLIES!” I screamed in the open courtyard in front of the historic Sproul Hall.


This year for National Condom Week the Sexperts took over the campus with the mission of providing safer sex supplies and to as many students as possible.  We handed out tons of barrier methods like internal condoms, external condoms, and dental dams. We also handed out two different types of lube, silicone based and water based. For those who weren’t interested in safer sex supplies, we had stickers, bracelets, and temporary tattoos.  We also had a few games to test the knowledge and tossing skills of our students. By far, our most popular attraction were the vulva and penis costumes! Our beautiful genitals ran all around the courtyard spreading condoms and taking pictures with excited students.


As always, we were also stocked with information. Our Sexperts were decked out in our brand new SHEP sexpert shirts and answer questions left and right.  I think our most popular requests were demonstrations.  We showed people how to use dental dams, lube, and internal condoms.  We also explained the differences between silicone and water based lube.  If you’re interested in any of this information, come check out our clinic every Friday in Health Promotion at the Tang Center from 12pm-3pm.


~Sexpert Taylor