“Communication is Lubrication”
-Confucius (not really)
Relationships are all about loving each other and growing together, but what’s most important is being able to love yourself before you can love anyone else (as cliche as it sounds). Being able to come to terms with your flaws and accept yourself or who you are allows you to develop a more realistic and healthier relationship. Negative or unhealthy habits can really lead you to be in a relationship for the wrong reasons, which can be harmful to you and others. Honestly, it’s okay to be imperfect and it’s okay to have your own issues, but these are things that need to be addressed and talked about. These are things to be communicated to your partner(s), not something that can be swept under the carpet to be dealt with another time.
Don’t compare yourself and your partner(s) to the over-romanticized relationships that can be blown out of proportion; everyone and every relationship has its own quirks and unique dynamics. Different people will have different boundaries and different opinions, so it’s really important to develop good communication skills and talk through things. It’s always easier to deal and work through conflicts when all parties are open about their thoughts; chances are that nobody can read your mind, so you have to speak up and be transparent about what’s bothering you. The same thing holds the other way around — you should be considerate of other’s boundaries and always ask for consent. What you find acceptable might not be okay for others! Take this chance to talk to your partner(s) about anything that’s been on your mind and work through anything that’s been bothering you — you deserve to be in a happy and healthy relationship.
-Booty Brandon
(Always ask for consent!)
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