All right! Let’s continue reviewing these Cosmopolitan tips on long distance relationships. I hope everyone is doing well with their partner- I even suggest that you send them a quick text letting them know you care about them and are thinking about them right now.
Tip 6: Cosmo proposes that you “be surprise savvy” and in a fairly decent manner were they just suggest to figure out schedules for the surprise if it is a trip in order to avoid any conflicts with your partner. However, also make sure to cater to your partner’s preferences, for example, if they dislike surprises you could use that as a way to bond by planning a trip together.
Tip 7: I like the idea of “integrat[ing] him into your life” when he visits, however, I dislike that they stated that doing so would make it feel more like a “normal” relationship. At first I agreed but the more I thought about it I came to ask myself “why isn’t a long distance relationship normal” because sometimes it’s the best option when a couple is taking different routes to get to their goal- a better choice of wording could have been to say making it feel like a more “traditional” relationship.

Tip 8: |Cosmo’s “have fun with yourself” tip seems to aim towards not getting bored and not having anything else to do other than mope. However, as Berkeley students there always seems to be something to do. If it isn’t homework it’s sports, clubs, internships, work, or other activities. If you don’t feel busy or involved enough, I definitely suggest clubs or sports though!
Tip 9: “Make his mailbox happy”- I think this one is super fun! Send each other little care packages if you can and decorate the boxes to make them personalized and cute. I just decorated a care package for Valentine’s Day. Honestly I didn’t even put many gifts in it because it was more about the box. Additionally, it was a great way to relieve stress from my classes.
Tip 10: I’m all about “turn[ing] your phone into a sex toy.” Seriously an awesome aspect of technology that helps to make long distance relationships intimate and it can be a great way to explore your own body. However, please be considerate of any roommates and then have all the fun you two want!
Tip 11: My boyfriend and I occasionally “set up long-distance dates.” We’ll both go get chipotle and then sit down and watch the same movie. There is a google extension called “Netflix Party” that allows for several people to watch a movie together- if one pauses they all do and if one buffers it helps to catch you. I definitely recommend trying to have these date nights.
Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed reading these tips along with my review of them. Long Distance is hard but stay strong because if you both want this to work it is definitely possible!

~Sexpert Melissa